Man Alleges Extortion by Police Officers in Lagos State

A resident of Lagos State, Ismail Zikirullah, has alleged that he was extorted by police officers at the Ijede Police Station in Lagos. He claims that the officers demanded and received a bribe of N200,000 from him.

In a report made available to the Take It Back Movement, Zikirullah alleged that he was stopped by police officers while driving on Oreyo Road, around 6:30pm. The officers reportedly demanded a bribe of N200,000 before allowing him to continue on his way.

Officer AY, who was leading the police officers, demanded to see Ismail’s car documents. After he provided them, the officers claimed that he had not properly transferred ownership of the car and accused him of committing an offense. They then allegedly demanded the N200,000 bribe.

The statement went on to say that Ismail and his companion were detained by the police officers for approximately five hours, until they agreed to pay a bribe of N200,000 out of the N500,000 that the officers demanded.

The statement read, “On Tuesday 2nd of April 2024, I, Ismaila Zikirullah, drove my Toyota Camry Salon Car numbered LSR 614 HM accompanied me was Alfa Isiaka Amodu, heading towards Igbe Laara village on Oreyo Road.

“Exactly 6: 30pm, at Afa river, some policemen stopped us for a search. The leader of the team was called AY (a nickname which he was called during that operation).

“In the course of their checking of my vehicle particulars, AY said I didn’t change ownership of the vehicle, an offence which he arrested me for.

“They later led me to Area N. IJEDE police station in the SURVEILLANCE SECTION where I was interrogated via video Record and Coverage.

“They charged me a sum of Five Hundred Thousand Naira (N500,000) for my release.

“I was detained till 11:30 pm when I was able to raise a sum of Two Hundred Thousand Naira cash, half of which I wirhdrew from a POS office opposite to the IJEDE Area N Police Station.

“They took our picture from different dimensions with the car before our release.”


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