Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde Visits Circular Road Project Victims, Vows to Resettle Them after Take It Back Movement Intervenes

Just days after the Take It Back Movement held a mass meeting with victims of the Oyo State Government’s circular road project, which displaced 360 villages and over 5 million people, Governor Seyi Makinde visited the site on April 10, 2023. The visit comes after the Take It Back Movement’s advocacy and mobilization efforts, which highlighted the plight of the displaced residents and called for action from the government.

As seen in the video, a heavy security presence, including armed personnel, is visible in the background. In addition, Governor Seyi Makinde addressed the crowd in Yoruba, the local language spoken in the area.

In the video, the governor stated that his government has the resources and capacity to resettle and compensate the displaced residents, ensuring that they will be placed in better conditions than they were in before.

Despite the disruption and displacement caused by the circular road project, the governor emphasized that every resident affected by the project would be compensated fairly, and that no one would be left behind. He stressed that his government cares deeply about the community and values the votes of the people who elected him into office.

Reacting to the governor’s statement, the Take It Back Movement, through the National Coordinator, Juwon Sanyaola, responded to the governor’s promises, stating that the governor’s words ring hollow and do not reflect a genuine commitment to the community. The movement stated further that they will not accept mere lip service, and will continue to push for concrete action and meaningful change for the community.

Also, the Movement called on the governor to sign a legally binding declaration upholding the initial agreement of a 150-meter space.

The Take It Back Movement stated further that the government’s failure to provide a clear plan for resettlement and compensation prior to the demolition is highly problematic and raises serious concerns about the government’s commitment to the affected community. The Movement called on the governor to publicly release a detailed plan for resettlement and compensation, to ensure transparency and accountability.

Finally, the movement condemn the condescending manner with which the governor related with the residents; allowing them to kneel before him while he addressed them. The Movement views the governor’s actions as a display of power and control over the community, and it strongly condemns this behavior. The community members should not have been forced to kneel in front of the governor, and this act only served to further alienate and disempower them. The Movement calls for an end to such behavior and for greater respect and dignity to be shown to the community members.


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