EFCC Intensifies Crackdown on Nigerian Celebrities Following Bobrisky’s Arrest

The EFCC (Economic and Financial Crimes Commission) has responded to the public outcry over the misuse and dollarization of the Nigerian Naira, stating that they appreciate the growing awareness and support of Nigerians in the fight against such illicit activities. This follows the arrest and subsequent 6-month imprisonment of popular crossdresser, Bobrisky, for involvement in Naira abuse.

In response to the growing awareness and public reporting of Naira abuse and dollarization of the economy, the EFCC, through its head of Media and Publicity, Dele Oyewale, has stated that the Commission will thoroughly investigate and prosecute any individuals involved in these illicit activities.

The EFCC has also disclosed that several celebrities are currently under investigation for Naira abuse, with many having already provided statements to the Commission and others yet to be interviewed by investigators.

Part of the statement reads, “At the moment, the Commission is investigating several celebrities involved in Naira abuse. Many of them have made useful statements to the Commission and many more have been invited by investigators working on the matter. The EFCC will not relent in its no-sacred-cow mode of operations and the public should be wary of running afoul of laws against the crime.”


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