Delta State Take It Back Coordinator to Face Trial Anew: Judge Sani of Federal High Court Warri Sets April 20 for De-novo Hearing of Ighorhiohwunu Aghogho’s Case

The case against Ighorhiohwunu Aghogho, the Delta State Coordinator of the Take-It-Back Movement, is set for a fresh start on Thursday, April 20, 2024, at the Federal High Court, Warri Judicial Division. Justice M.I. Sani will be presiding over the de-novo hearing, which will see the case being retried from scratch, with a new jury and all evidence being presented afresh.

The case began on January 15, 2024, when the Delta State Ministry of Justice’s P.N. Etumudon Esq. filed cyberstalking charges against Ighorhiohwunu Aghogho. The hearing took place in the Federal High Court in Warri, under Justice M.I. Sani.

The new judge, who had recently been assigned to the court, ordered the case to be retried without consideration of any previous court decisions or findings, effectively giving Aghogho’s case a clean slate after 17 months of incarceration.

Aghogho was released on bail in March, marking the end of over 600 days in custody without trial. Aghogho’s lengthy detainment stemmed from her bold call for an investigation into alleged child trafficking activities by government officials in the Delta State.

At the Federal Correctional Centre Warri, Ighorhiohwunu Aghogho, accompanied by her lawyer Eloho Chalele and a Federal High Court clerk, was finally released on March 22 at noon, ending a nearly two-year imprisonment. Aghogho, who had been a prisoner since her call for a probe into government officials involved in alleged child trafficking, was granted freedom and met with a much-awaited respite.


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