“We Got Your Back”: Sowore Supporters Throw Unbreakable Spirit Dinner in Rosedale, NY to Celebrate Activist’s Return after 5-Year Legal Battle in Nigeria

The New York Sowore Support Group, dedicated to the cause of the renowned activist, Omoyele Sowore, came together on April 20, 2024, to commemorate his triumphant return to New York City after a prolonged legal battle in Nigeria. The event, tagged “We Got Your Back,” saw Sowore’s ardent supporters converge at Legion Hall in Rosedale, NY, to celebrate the unbreakable spirit of the activist, who had remained undeterred despite the grueling ordeal he faced in Nigeria.

The “Unbreakable Spirit Dinner” party not only symbolized a homecoming for Sowore but also served as a heartfelt celebration of his unwavering perseverance and resolve to stand against injustice. Sowore, who had been arrested in 2019 for advocating for a revolution in Nigeria, spent the following five years embroiled in a tumultuous legal battle in his homeland. Now, back on American soil, the activist was reunited with his loved ones, as well as his ardent supporters, all gathered at Legion Hall to pay tribute to his courage and enduring spirit.

The gathering was more than just a celebration—it was also an expression of gratitude, a tribute to the selfless dedication that Sowore had demonstrated over the years in fighting for the emancipation of his fellow Nigerians. Organized by a diverse group of Sowore’s supporters from the Nigerian diaspora, the event brought together individuals who recognized the significance of the activist’s unwavering commitment to the pursuit of freedom and justice for his people.

On this night, in a radiant show of solidarity, luminaries like Bukola Oreofe, Jimmy Fasehun, and Toun Williams united in a singular purpose: to celebrate the return of Omoyele Sowore and applaud his remarkable sacrifice for the people of Nigeria.

Emboldened by the outpouring of affection, Omoyele Sowore shared on his Facebook page photos from the memorable “Unbreakable Spirit Dinner”. He wrote,”UNBREAKABLE SPIRIT DINNER IN NEW YORK BY THE SOWORE NEW YORK SUPPORT GROUP”

Joining the chorus of elation, a Twitter user known as “Sowore’s Anambra first daughter” commemorated the homecoming of Omoyele Sowore with a tweet hailing the activist as her hero. The self-professed “Shotimer,” a playful reference to Sowore’s loyal supporters, posted photos from the “Unbreakable Spirit Dinner” and marveled at the opportunity to finally meet the man she revered. Her caption read,”It was a great party, as we welcome Mr. President @YeleSowore back home after 5 years of being incarcerated by yahoo yahoo government in Nig. It was a privilege I finally met this great man. It’s a remarkable day for me guys. Proudly Shotimer!!!”

On March 8, 2024, Omoyele Sowore returned to the United States, reunite with his family after the withdrawal of the Nigerian government’s treasonable felony case against him.


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