Sowore Highlights Stark Divide in Nigeria’s Education: Private Schools Thriving, Public Schools Struggling

Nigerian activist and journalist Omoyele Sowore has thrown open the doors of the country’s education system, revealing the stark contrast between private and public schools.

His recent posts on the social media platform X exposed a disheartening truth – while prestigious private schools like @Charterhouselag boast opulent facilities, public schools across the nation languish in a state of disrepair, a manifestation of the inequitable distribution of educational resources.

Omoyele Sowore’s post exposing the inequality in Nigeria’s education system has hit a nerve with Nigerians. Many are outraged that wealthy individuals and government officials, who should be working to improve public education, are instead pouring money into exclusive private schools like Charterhouse Lagos, while public schools receive far less attention and funding. The idea that the same people who fund luxury in private schools are often responsible for poor conditions in public schools has struck a chord with many, leading to calls for accountability from those in power.

Sharing images of the luxurious school on his X handle, Sowore caption reads, “These are the classrooms and campus of the @Charterhouselag School, a primary school in Lagos’s Lekki area, charging N42 million per annum.

“The people paying for their kids to attend this school are some of the same people building substandard school classrooms across Nigeria.

“What should not be lost on Nigerians is that these classrooms ought to be donning our public schools as the sixth largest oil-producing country in the world.

“The outrage should actually be against the Nigerian political class that ruined public education institutions and diverted the funds from there to send their own kids to expensive private schools and also build themselves mansions that are swankier than the classrooms you see here. #RevolutionNow”

Set in the wealthy neighborhood of Lagos’s Lekki area, Charterhouse Lagos School stands out with its beautiful classrooms and large campus. The annual tuition fee for this school is a staggering N42 million, which is a significant amount of money that causes many to question the disparity in the quality of education between private and public schools.


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