Oyo State LG Elections: Alarm Raised as AAC Party Accuses Governor’s Camp of Ballot Tampering as Stickered Vehicle Carrying Sensitive Election Materials Flees the Scene

A viral video is shedding light on an allegation by the African Action Congress (AAC) party concerning the upcoming local government elections in Oyo State, Nigeria.

The video, which has been widely circulated on social media, captures the tense moment when AAC party members spot a vehicle bearing Governor Seyi Makinde’s sticker carrying sensitive election materials.

This startling discovery has cast doubt on the fairness and integrity of the electoral process and has left many wondering about the potential implications for the democratic process in Oyo State.

Amidst the chaos of the potential election tampering scandal, the AAC party chairman in Oyo state, Kayode Babayomi, was captured on video expressing his outrage and indignation over the discovery of the suspicious vehicle. With a palpable sense of frustration and anger, Babayomi repeatedly stated that the incident was “unacceptable,” asserting that the ruling party was orchestrating a plan to undermine the fairness of the election.

The footage showcases the mounting tensions and suspicions surrounding the local government elections in Oyo State and underscores the deep-seated mistrust among opposing political factions.

The public dissemination of the events surrounding the potential election tampering scandal was also expedited by the AAC party Publicity Secretary, Femi Adeyeye, who took to his X handle with visual evidence supporting the claims.

Adeyeye’s posts included detailed updates on the party members’ shocking discovery of a vehicle adorned with Governor Seyi Makinde’s sticker, carrying sensitive election materials. According to Adeyeye, when the party confronted the situation and raised their concerns, the driver abruptly sped away, further escalating tensions and stoking fears of foul play.

He wrote, “PICTURES: Updates from #OyoLGElections
AAC has raised alarm over a vehicle with @seyiamakinde sticker
carrying sensitive materials for tomorrow’s elections. Immediately this was discovered and the alarm was raised, the driver sped off.”


On Thursday, Oyo state government declared Friday, April 26 as half-working day for Public and Civil Servants in the state.

The government’s decision is in connection with the upcoming local government elections slated for Saturday, April 27, 2024.


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