Oyo LG Elections: A Saga of Irregularities and Disrespect for Democracy, Written by Ogundipe Daniel

On the morning of 27th April, 2024, voters across Oyo State gathered at polling stations to exercise their democratic right in the Local Government Elections. However, the day was marred by a series of irregularities that pointed to a clear bias in favor of Governor Seyi Makinde’s party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Many polling stations reported a disturbing absence of OyI-SEC officials, which threw the process into disarray. In some areas, voters were left confused and frustrated as they were unable to cast their ballots due to the lack of officials to manage the process.
To add insult to injury, numerous polling stations reported a lack of electoral materials, such as ballot papers, biometric verification machines, and ink pads. In some areas, election officials arrived several hours late, resulting in long queues and voter dissatisfaction.

Moreover, several eyewitnesses reported seeing PDP officials milling around the polling stations, seemingly to influence the process in their favor. These allegations, coupled with the other irregularities, raised serious questions about the transparency and credibility of the election.
The irregularities witnessed during the Oyo LG elections have sparked outrage among many Nigerians who are questioning the commitment of Governor Seyi Makinde’s government to democratic principles.

The inconsistencies in the electoral process have led many to believe that this is the government’s “Plan B”, an attempt to subvert the democratic process and secure electoral victories for the ruling party at all costs.

As concerned citizens, we must speak out against such undemocratic practices and demand accountability from our elected officials.

Today’s LG elections in Oyo State have been a catastrophic failure and a dismal showcase of democracy under the Seyi Makinde-led government. From the absence of electoral officials to the dearth of essential materials, the day was marred by a series of irregularities that cast a dark shadow over the democratic process.

This debacle is not only a travesty to the voters of Oyo State, but also a stain on the reputation of the Makinde-led government. The systemic flaws and irregularities witnessed today demonstrate a blatant disregard for democratic principles and a shocking apathy towards the fundamental rights of the people.
The travesty witnessed during today’s LG elections is a call to action for all citizens of Oyo State. We must rise up and demand accountability from our elected officials. The time has come for us to take back our democracy and ensure that the rights of the people are respected.

As we move forward, let us raise our voices in unison, chanting the cry of protest that reverberates across Oyo State: #occupyOyo #shutdownOyo. Let this be a wake-up call to the Makinde-led government that the people will no longer tolerate such blatant disregard for democratic principles.


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