Sowore Proposes Modest Increase in Minimum Wage: N500,000 to Counteract Nigeria’s Rising Cost of Living

Human rights activist, Omoyele Sowore has put forth a bold proposal to raise the national minimum wage in Nigeria to N500,000, in an effort to alleviate the economic struggles of the Nigerian workforce. As a candidate for president in 2019 and 2023 with the African Action Congress party, Sowore has long been an advocate for social and economic justice, and his latest proposal is indicative of his commitment to bringing about positive change in the country.

Sowore made the proposal on Wednesday while using his X platform to issue a heartfelt goodwill message in honor of the annual May 1st Workers Day celebration.

He asserted that the staggering rise in the national minimum wage is urgently required to offset the rampant inflation, exorbitant cost of living, and various other escalating expenses that have created tremendous hardship for Nigerian workers. In a compelling argument, Sowore cited an array of factors that have contributed to this crisis, including fuel price hikes, soaring energy tariffs, soaring school fees, rapidly increasing housing costs, and soaring medical bills.

He wrote, “Wishing Nigeria’s toiling and suffering workers – in the formal and informal sector – a genuinely meaningful International Workers’ Day.

“Because of the cost of living, inflation, hardship, transportation costs, fuel hikes, increased energy tariffs, cable and internet costs, skyrocketing school fees, housing costs and medical bills.

“I propose that no Nigerian worker earn less than N500,000 per month as minimum wage! Life is just too hard for Nigerian workers.”


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