Fuel Scarcity’s Deadly Price: Take It Back Movement Blasts Government Negligence and Police Recklessness as Fuel Scarcity Claims Lagos Resident’s Life

The Take It Back Movement has publicly condemned the tragic death of a Lagos State resident, who was reportedly gunned down in a violent altercation that erupted while he attempted to purchase fuel amidst the debilitating scarcity of Premium Motor Spirit, commonly known as petrol. The incident, which occurred on Wednesday evening, has galvanized the group to intensify its criticism of the government’s negligence, which has not only caused widespread hardship due to the ongoing fuel scarcity but has also contributed to a deadly escalation of the crisis.

The victim, a male Lagos resident tragically lost his life at the NNPCL mega filling station in Obalende when an argument over whose turn it was to purchase fuel escalated into a fatal shooting.

The assailant opened fire on the deceased during the altercation, made a swift escape from the scene of the crime, leaving the victim dead and adding to the rising tension surrounding the ongoing fuel crisis.

In a sobering twist, the Lagos State Police Force on Monday morning confirmed that the perpetrator of the deadly shooting at the NNPCL mega filling station in Obalende was, in fact, one of its own officers. The revelation, which cast a shadow of betrayal and suspicion over the law enforcement community, starkly exposed the reckless actions of an individual sworn to protect and serve, but instead acting in a manner that resulted in the loss of an innocent life.

Reacting to the incident, the Take It Back Movement National Coordinator, Sanyaolu Juwon, unleashed a scathing attack on both the government and the police force, holding them accountable for the tragic loss of a Lagos resident’s life. Sanyaolu’s statement placed the blame squarely on the government’s negligence in handling the persistent fuel scarcity, which has created a precarious and potentially deadly situation in which a dispute over limited resources resulted in a deadly outcome.

Stepping up his crusade for justice, Sanyaolu demanded swift prosecution of the police officer involved in the fatal shooting, holding him accountable for the loss of life. Juwon did not stop there, as he called upon the government to urgently address the crippling fuel scarcity, insisting that the Nigerian people have reached their breaking point and can no longer endure the untenable conditions perpetuated by government negligence.


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