Activist Femi Adeyeye Sounds Alarm on Lagos Wave of ‘Demolition Democracy’

Human rights activist Femi Adeyeye has spoken out against the recent wave of unnecessary demolitions in Nigeria, particularly in Lagos, decrying the alarming trend and urging citizens to resist such actions.

Adeyeye expressed deep concern over the negative impact of these demolitions on the lives and livelihoods of ordinary Nigerians.

In a candid assessment of the public’s response to these demolitions, Adeyeye argued that many Nigerians have yet to fully understand the gravity of the situation, suggesting that they are waiting until the issue hits their own affluent neighborhoods before they begin to take the threat seriously.

“The wave of needless demolitions in the country is alarming and it should be challenged. But Nigerians are not ready, he wrote.

He emphasized that the people must be ready to resist these demolitions before they begin to affect areas like Lekki Phase 1/2 and Ikate, as the destruction could potentially spread beyond the currently affected areas if it is allowed to go unchecked.

However, in a biting statement that employed both irony and wit, Adeyeye labeled the Lagos State Governor as the ‘Demolition Governor,’ playfully suggesting that he and the Commissioner of Environment and Water Resources, Tokunbo Wahab, should turn their attention toward the wealthy areas of Lekki 1/2, bringing the issue of demolition directly to the doorstep of those who might otherwise be inclined to ignore the problem. By doing so, Adeyeye argued, the ‘struggle’ against these demolitions could finally begin in earnest, uniting citizens across all socioeconomic strata in a shared cause.

“Waiting for it to get to Lekki Phase 1/2, Ikate and environs. Demolition Governor and @tokunbo_wahab . Beam your light there pls, so this struggle can start,” he added


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