Sowore, Adeyanju Leads Protest, Demands Release of Journalist, Daniel Ojukwu

In a show of solidarity and defiance, human rights activists Omoyele Sowore and Adeyanju Deji have assembled at the Police Headquarters in Abuja, staging a powerful protest. The demonstrators are calling for the immediate release of journalist Daniel Ojukwu, who was detained by police while working on a story for FIJ (The Foundation for Investigative Journalism).

Sowore took to social media on Thursday to announce his plan for action. Demanding immediate release of journalist Daniel Ojukwu, Sowore rallied fellow activists to join him in a march on the Police Headquarters. The call to arms was met with support from like-minded individuals, including Adeyanju Deji, as they arrived at the site of the protest, ready to make their voices heard in the fight against unjust detention and suppression of free press.

The protest started at the Police Headquarters, Louis Edet House in Abuja by 10am, led by Sowore and Adeyanju Deji, a group of demonstrators stood united, a human wall against injustice. Their collective voices rose in unison, demanding the release of journalist Daniel Ojukwu, whose unwarranted detainment had spurred the gathering. The echoes of their cries reverberated through the air, carrying their message of freedom and justice for all.

Ojukwu was abducted by the police in Lagos on Wednesday, May 1. Following his abduction, Ojukwu was whisked away to Abuja on Sunday, May 5. As the news of his arrest spread, concern and outrage mounted, culminating in the protest led by Sowore and Adeyanju Deji at the Police Headquarters.

Daniel Ojukwu is alleged to have violated cybercrime laws, as per a petition filed against him by Adejoke Orelope-Adefulire, former Senior Special Assistant on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to President Muhammadu Buhari.

The unjust accusation were set in motion by Muiz Banire (SAN), a former National Legal Adviser of the All Progressives Congress. Acting on behalf of Adejoke Orelope-Adefulire, Banire filed a petition alleging that journalist Daniel Ojukwu had committed a cybercrime violation. The NPF-NCCC took the matter seriously, arresting and detaining Ojukwu in response to the allegations, despite the fact that he was merely carrying out his journalistic duties in reporting on the Sustainable Development Goals and their implementation in Nigeria.

The plight of Daniel Ojukwu is not only one of injustice but also of a cruel disregard for his health and well-being. Held captive at the FCID (Force Criminal Investigation Department) Area 10 in Abuja, the journalist has been denied access to both his medication and doctor, further endangering his asthmatic condition. As his breathing becomes labored and his health deteriorates in the dank confines of the FCID, the NPF-NCCC seems unmoved by the journalist’s plight, turning a deaf ear to his requests for medical attention and justice.


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