Take It Back Movement Demands Immediate Release of Arrested UI Fee Hike Protesters, Femi Adeyeye, Aduwo Gabriel and Two Others

In response to the arrests of activist Femi Adeyeye, Aduwo Gabriel, and two other protesters demonstrating against the University of Ibadan’s fee hike, the Take It Back Movement is demanding their immediate release.

The movement condemns the use of force and arrests by the Nigerians Army, calling for accountability and respect for the rights of peaceful protesters.

The Take It Back Movement emphasizes the importance of defending citizens’ rights to assembly and free expression, particularly when addressing critical issues such as fee hikes that directly impact students and their families.

According to a special release from the University of Ibadan Students’ Union Executive Council, led by President Samuel Samson Tobiloba, the union has expressed grave concerns over the university’s recent decision to hike tuition fees for new students. The updated fee structure, which sees increases ranging from N133,500 to N372,500 depending on the course of study, represents a 450% to 750% surge compared to previous years.

In a firm call to action, the Students’ Union demands an immediate reversal of the fee increment to ensure accessibility and affordability for incoming students. Furthermore, they have requested a meeting with the university management to address the issue and work towards a mutually agreeable solution that takes into account the welfare and financial circumstances of all students.

While the situation unfolds, the Students’ Union has advised new students to exercise patience and avoid paying the newly increased fees until the matter is resolved.


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