Human Rights Lawyer Festus Ogun Slams Police Actions in Portable Arrest Case

In response to the recent arrest of Nigerian singer Portable over a G-Wagon debt, esteemed human rights lawyer Festus Ogun has publicly condemned the police’s involvement in the matter.

Ogun, known for his commitment to challenging human rights abuses and holding public officials accountable, described the arrest as “illegal and unconstitutional” in a statement addressing the controversy.

Ogun’s statement draws on established legal precedent to argue that law enforcement should not be involved in debt recovery, suggesting that the police may have overstepped their authority in this case.

Taking to his Twitter page, the Lawyer wrote, “Portable’s recent arrest by the Police is illegal and unconstitutional. Our courts have held over and over again that Police is not a debt recovery agent and should not act as such. Arresting Portable for failing to pay balance of his g-wagon is an abuse. We must do better.”

The musician, Portable, was arrested on Tuesday over a debt he incurred after buying a Mercedes Benz G-Wagon from a car dealer in Lagos state.

Portable reportedly paid N13 million for the SUV worth N27 million and refused to pay the car dealer the N14 million balance.

After efforts to get the balance from the singer failed, the car dealer complained to the police and Portable was subsequently arrested.


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