Human Rights Lawyer, Inibehe Effiong Slams Military Involvement in Kano Dispute as ‘Lawless’ APC Move

A fierce condemnation of the military’s involvement in a Kano chieftaincy dispute has come from human rights lawyer Inibehe Effiong, who has labeled the move by the APC as “lawless.”

Expressing shock at the decision to deploy soldiers for a matter that is solely within the jurisdiction of the State, Effiong called out the federal government for its heavy-handed and unjustified interference. In his statement, he also noted that the Kano State House of Assembly had already taken the necessary legal steps to resolve the dispute, making the military’s presence both unnecessary and unhelpful.

Taking to his Facebook page, the human rights lawyer queries, “Is Nigeria a democratic country or a pseudo military dictatorship? Why is the military involved in the Kano chieftaincy affair?

“Nigeria is a jungle under the APC. What’s the business of the military with a chieftaincy matter?

“You want people to respect our Armed Forces, yet our soldiers are deployed for silly purposes like this. How does this matter affect the federal government? Chieftaincy dispute is within the exclusive jurisdiction of a State.

“The Kano State House of Assembly has repealed the law that brought Ado Bayero to the throne. The Governor has assented to it and Sanusi has been reappointed.

Inibehe Effing added that President Tinubu’s administration has failed to steer away from the Buhari regime’s disregard for the rule of law, creating a culture of lawlessness and authoritarianism that is highly detrimental to Nigeria’s democracy.

“President Tinubu has continued from the lawlessness of the Buhari regime and it is very unfortunate.”

Reports had revealed that armed forces have been deployed in and around the city of Kano, forming a conspicuous and intimidating presence that is causing a sense of unease among residents and observers alike.

According to eyewitnesses, the military has established a heavy presence at key locations throughout Kano, but has not yet implemented any restrictions on movement. The situation, however, remains tense, with many fearing that the military’s involvement could lead to further unrest or violence.

New reports have also surfaced revealing that security personnel have been positioned at the Government House in Kano, adding to the already heavy military presence throughout the city.

Worried murmurs and anxious movements were observed among security staff at the Government House, with one notable figure – the Chief Security Officer to the governor – clearly exhibiting signs of unease and tension.


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