Peter Obi Is Not Better Than Buhari, He’s A Packaged Fraud – Sowore

Omoyele Sowore, the founder of the #RevolutionNow movement, has branded Peter Obi, the ex-Labour Party presidential candidate, a ‘packaged fraud’.

Sowore made this known during an interview with Pulse Nigeria. He unveiled his scathing critique of Peter Obi’s candidacy in the 2023 election, drawing parallels between the LP candidate’s bid and the APC’s manipulative portrayal of Muhammadu Buhari in 2015.

Sowore claimed that, just like the APC presented Buhari as a messianic figure to deceive the Nigerian electorate, Obi was also dishonestly packaged by his supporters to conceal his true nature.

The #RevolutionNow convener said, “What is true is that I have a general disdain for the dishonesty of Nigerian politicians. I have disdain for lacklustre performance, and whenever anybody then comes up as a politician or who wants to run Nigeria, they come with this fraudulent packaging.

“My default position is to warn people first and then expose them later. My position about Peter Obi has been consistent in the same way my position about (President Bola) Tinubu has been consistent. It is only that the people who are now on the internet as influencers weren’t born at the time when I’ve been against all these terrible politicians, including those in the military.

“Otherwise, you would have known that in 2006 or 2008, I was the first to expose Tinubu’s drug history in Chicago. But the people who now follow Peter were not interested at that time because it wouldn’t favour them.

“But in 2022, they suddenly realised that Tinubu was a druggy and took it and ran away with it without giving credit to Sahara Reporters, which was the platform that was used in publishing at the time.

“I was the one who exposed Atiku’s corruption, including all the bribes he collected, to the extent that Atiku ran away from the US based on the report done by Sahara Reporters on his corruption. This included the corruption between him and (Olusegun) Obasanjo, including using educational funds to buy cars for their girlfriends and how they were stealing them. It was me and Sahara Reporters who did that.

“I and Sahara Reporters also found out that Peter Obi was building substandard hospitals and never built schools, as it later revealed.”

He accused Obi of “investing state money in his private business” and “the police arrested them (Peter Obi) and found out that he was stealing money”.

He said, “All these things are on Sahara Reporters now. So if some people now go and repackage Obi and claim that he is going to help Nigeria work, and I say to them with my full chest that this is a packaged fraud, and if you get upset about that, that is not my problem.”

He continued: “That you love a fraudster is not my mistake. People loved Buhari too until his tenure killed their parents. Some families were wiped out. Peter Obi is nothing compared to the way the fraudulent Buhari was packaged. Buhari used to get 12 million votes every election season until he won in 2015.

“Was he not loved? What did we get from it? Insecurity, killings, and corruption of unimaginable proportion.

“So if we tell you that we know Peter Obi and that he is not what he is presented to be, and you say you must impose these on Nigeria, and we say no, we don’t accept that. Now you get upset; it’s your right to be upset or that you love him. Is it your right to love him? But it’s also our right to keep saying the truth as we know it and as we understand it.”

He continued: “So, the emotional aspect of it is nothing new. There is no politician in the world that doesn’t have followers. If you go to the US, Donald Trump has followers who are willing to kill themselves. There was even a man who went to set himself ablaze in front of the district court, where he was undergoing trial.

“What is new about that? But that doesn’t change the fact about Peter Obi’s tenure as an eight-year governor in Anambra state who didn’t build a school. Not a single road, not a single hospital that you can count, exists.

“They will say go and verify, and when you verify to them, they (Obi’s supporters) say no, we’re not going to accept it. That’s not my problem. And I know that some of you fell for those things, but you also now see that the position I maintain that is not different from the rest of them is coming into play.”

“He himself knows that he’s a fraud, he knows this. In anybody that Obasanjo is supporting, Babangida is supporting, Doyin Okupe. Even Doyin Okupe has come to say that they were fraudulently packaging themselves to use the Labour Party to hoodwink Nigerians. So that’s the point.” Sowore added.


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