Nigeria’s Urgent Need for a Preferable Presidential Agenda: Sowore’s Campaign Offers Hope Amidst Tinubu’s Failed Policies – By Ogundipe Daniel

Nigeria is in a state of crisis, and the 2023 presidential election presents a critical opportunity for change. President Ahmed Tinubu’s policies have exacerbated the country’s challenges, hiking education costs, worsening economic conditions, and making basic necessities unaffordable for citizens. Omoyele Sowore’s presidential campaign agenda offers a beacon of hope, promising transformative change and a preferable future for Nigeria.

Sowore’s campaign agenda prioritizes:

  • Economic empowerment through diversification and job creation
  • Free and quality education for all
  • Healthcare transformation for accessible and affordable care
  • Anti-corruption measures for transparency and accountability
  • National security and unity through inclusive governance

In contrast, Tinubu’s policies have:

  • Hiked education costs, making it inaccessible to many
  • Worsened economic conditions, leading to high unemployment and poverty
  • Increased the cost of living, making basic necessities unaffordable
  • Failed to address corruption, perpetuating impunity and mismanagement

Sowore’s campaign agenda offers a comprehensive and inclusive vision for Nigeria’s development, addressing the country’s long-standing challenges and unlocking its full potential. Nigeria urgently needs a preferable presidential agenda like sowore to move forward and reverse the damage caused by Tinubu’s failed policies.
The time for change is now!

The time for transformative leadership is now,and sowore’s presidential agenda is the catalyst Nigeria needs to unleash its full potential.


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