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About Take it Back Global

Founded by leading human rights campaigner, and investigative Journalist, Omoyele Sowore, the Take It Back (TIB) Global Movement exists to build and safeguard a fair, free and equitable
society, in which we seek to ensure the fundamental values of freedom, liberty, and socio
economic equality, and in which no one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.
We champion the freedom, dignity and well-being of individuals. We aim to disperse the system
of power and greed, to foster diversity and to nurture creativity. We believe that the role of the
state is to enable all citizens to attain these ideals, to contribute fully to their communities and to
take part in the decisions which affect their lives.
We look forward to a world in which all people share the same basic rights, in which they live
together in peace and in which their different cultures and values will be able to develop and
thrive freely. We believe that each generation is responsible for the fate of our planet and, by
safeguarding the balance of nature and the environment, for the long term continuity of life in all
its forms. Upholding these values of individual, environmental and social justice, we reject all
prejudice and discrimination based upon ethnic group, race, colour, religion, age, disability, sex
and oppose all forms of entrenched privilege and inequality.
Recognizing that the quest for freedom and justice is a continuum, we promote human rights and
open government, a sustainable economy which serves genuine need, public services of the
highest quality, international action based on a recognition of the interdependence of all the
world’s peoples and responsible stewardship of the earth and its resources. We believe that
people should be democratically involved in running their communities.
We are determined to strengthen the democratic process and ensure that there is a just and
representative system of government with effective Democratic institutions, freedom of
information, decisions taken at the lowest practicable level and a fair voting system at all
We shall at all times defend the right to speak, protest, write, worship, associate and vote freely,
and we will protect the right of citizens to enjoy privacy in their own lives and homes. We believe
that sovereignty rests with the people and that authority in a democracy derives from the people.
We therefore acknowledge the right to determine the form of government best suited to their
needs and commit ourselves to the promotion of a democratic federal framework within which as
much power as feasible is exercised by the constituent units.
We similarly commit ourselves to the promotion of a flourishing system of democratic local
government in which decisions are taken and services delivered at the most local level which is
Our responsibility for justice and liberty cannot be confined by national boundaries; we are
committed to fighting poverty, oppression, hunger, ignorance, disease and aggression wherever
they occur and to promote the free movement of ideas, people, goods and services.
We will work with other countries when necessary, especially African Countries and other World
Powers as well as International organizations towards an equitable and peaceful international order and a durable system of common socio-economic security.
Within the AFRICAN Community, we affirm the values of Democracy from below, right of self
determination and integration and work for unity based on these principles. We will contribute to
the process of Justice, peace and disarmament, the elimination of world poverty and the
collective safeguarding of democracy by playing a full and constructive role in international
organizations which share similar aims and objectives. These are the conditions of liberty and
social justice which is the responsibility of each citizen and the duty of the state to protect and

Together, we Take It Back for a better world.

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