Take It Back

Our Full Manifesto

"Each generation must, out of relative obscurity, discover its mission, fulfill it or betray it."
Frantz Fanon

Building a World of Freedom, Justice, and Equality

We, the Take It Back (TIB) Global Movement, are dedicated to the relentless pursuit of a fair, free, and equitable society. Founded by the esteemed human rights campaigner and investigative journalist, Omoyele Sowore, our mission is clear: to champion the fundamental values of freedom, liberty, and socio-economic equality. We stand united against the chains of poverty, ignorance, and conformity that seek to enslave individuals.

Our vision is rooted in the belief that every person deserves to live a life of dignity and well-being. We strive to disperse the systems of power and greed, fostering diversity and nurturing creativity in every corner of society. Recognizing the crucial role of the state, we advocate for an enabling environment that empowers all citizens to attain these ideals, contribute fully to their communities, and actively participate in decisions that shape their lives.

We yearn for a world where all individuals share the same basic rights, coexisting peacefully while allowing their unique cultures and values to flourish freely. With an unwavering commitment to each generation’s responsibility, we embrace the task of safeguarding the balance of nature and preserving our planet’s environment for the continuity of all life forms.

Upholding the principles of individual, environmental, and social justice, we reject all forms of prejudice and discrimination based on ethnicity, race, color, religion, age, disability, or gender. We oppose entrenched privilege and inequality, striving to create a society where every individual has an equal opportunity to thrive.

Understanding that the pursuit of freedom and justice is an ongoing endeavor, we actively promote human rights, transparency, and open government. We advocate for a sustainable economy that serves genuine needs, ensuring the provision of high-quality public services. In our interconnected world, we recognize the interdependence of all peoples and advocate for international action that fosters cooperation and responsible stewardship of the Earth and its resources.

We firmly believe in the importance of democratic participation, empowering citizens to shape their communities. We are committed to strengthening the democratic process, establishing just and representative systems of government, and ensuring effective democratic institutions. We support freedom of information and a fair voting system at all elections, valuing the right of every individual to speak, protest, write, worship, associate, and vote freely.

Sovereignty resides with the people, and in a true democracy, authority derives from the people. We acknowledge and embrace the right of each community to determine the most suitable form of government that meets its needs. Thus, we advocate for a democratic federal framework that decentralizes power to constituent units. Additionally, we are passionate about fostering a flourishing system of democratic local government, where decisions are made and services are delivered at the most viable local level.

Our commitment to justice and liberty transcends national boundaries. We stand firm in our resolve to combat poverty, oppression, hunger, ignorance, disease, and aggression wherever they manifest. We advocate for the free movement of ideas, people, goods, and services, collaborating with other nations, international organizations, and African countries to build an equitable, peaceful, and secure global order.

Within the African community, we affirm the values of democracy from the grassroots, the right of self-determination, and integration. We actively contribute to the processes of justice, peace, disarmament, and the elimination of global poverty. By playing a full and constructive role in international organizations that share similar aims and objectives, we collectively safeguard democracy while striving for unity.

We recognize that the conditions of liberty and social justice are the shared responsibility of each citizen and the duty of the state to protect and expand. With unwavering determination, we pledge to champion these values, fostering a world where freedom, justice, and equality prevail for generations to come. Join us in our mission as we

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