Sowore Condemns Tinubu’s 82-Vehicle Entourage Amidst Economic Hardship

While President Bola Tinubu of Nigeria continues to enjoy lavish transportation, including an entourage of 82 vehicles during one of his visits to Lagos, ordinary Nigerians are struggling with economic hardships.

The growing gap between the luxurious lifestyles of Nigeria’s ruling class and the daily struggles of ordinary citizens has been brought into sharp focus by activist Omoyele Sowore.

The leader of the “RevolutionNow” movement drew attention to this disparity by sharing a viral video of President Bola Tinubu’s excessive entourage of 82 vehicles during one of his visits to Lagos, highlighting the troubling contrast between the President’s extravagant display of wealth and the economic hardships faced by many Nigerians.

Taking to his Facebook page, the #RevolutionNow Convener wrote, “This is the unending petro-gas-guzzling convoy of Tinubu @officialABAT during one of his trips to Lagos. Do these people act like Nigeria can’t feed its poor?

“Look at the life they live. They tell the population to endure untold and inhumane hardship while they live large at the expense of people experiencing life-threatening poverty! #RevolutionNow”.


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