“How I was tortured overnight” One of the EndSARS detainees, Sunday Okoro, relays his experiences after his release

Sunday Okoro, a Lagos commercial driver, who was arrested and detained for reportedly vandalising Orile Police station during the Oct. 2020 EndSARS protests, has finally been released after two years of detention.

Sunday said he was in his house sleeping during the EndSARS protest when he decided to check the state of his bus and also to re-park it where he parked it. On his way back home, he discovered that Orile Police Station had been burnt down. 

After some months, he was apprehended by two men on the same route: the Orile Police Station. Before he could ask further questions, he was dragged to the station.
“It’s not up to two months; I was coming back from work; I parked at the Orile Police station to get provision for my children, when two men got me arrested,” he said.

In his words, he said he, together with his casemates, was taken to the station and tortured overnight. He explained how he was horribly beaten and tortured. 
“They took me down to the station, and from the station, they tortured me a lot. Still, that same night, they had to transfer me to Area 6 from Area 6 to SARS, I and my casemates,” he said.

Further, he explained how he has been going to court from prison; how he stayed in prison for a year and three months.

Sunday Okoro expressed his utmost gratitude to Takeitback Nigeria for providing the lawyer who took up the lawsuit and for sponsoring their case till they were discharged and acquitted.
“May God provide for their needs, and may their pockets never dry in Jesus name,” he prayed.


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