Controversy Erupts as Nigerian Officials Suggest Sending Delegation to US Following Earthquake

A Facebook post from Omoyele Sowore, a human rights activist, claims that Nigerian government officials are considering sending a delegation to the US to assess the damage from the recent earthquake in New York.

This has sparked controversy, with many people criticizing the officials for allegedly prioritizing a US visit over addressing more pressing issues in Nigeria.

The post read, “Someone just told me that a group of Nigerian government officials are suggesting they send a delegation to the US to assess the damage caused by today’s earthquake. If this is true, I’ll say these guys are really mad! We will be waiting for them #RevolutionNow”

Sowore’s post has generated a lot of engagement on social media, with the hashtag #RevolutionNow trending in response to the news. The veracity of Sowore’s claims remains unconfirmed.

Some social media users have weighed in on the situation, questioning the wisdom of sending a delegation to the US. A Facebook user, Oluleye Omolokun wrote: “Those that can’t end the insecurity created by men now sending officials to under study natural disaster that is beyond human control.”

Another user, Aoida Yila wrote: “What concern them with US earthquake when the same povertyquake is killing their people here.”


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