Take It Back Movement Condemns Lagos Police Extortion, Demands Action

A shocking and disturbing incident involving corrupt Nigerian police officers in Lagos has exposed the widespread problem of police extortion and abuse of power. The victim, Adekunle Olamilekan Rahmon, a recent returnee from Cyprus, was accosted and extorted to the tune of N100,000 while he was driving his girlfriend to school for an examination on Friday morning.

Adekunle, the victim of this distressing incident, has detailed his harrowing encounter with corrupt police officers. He explains that he was driving through the tunnel in Berger, connecting Magodo, when the officers stopped him and forcibly took his phone. The officers then proceeded to breach Adekunle’s privacy, accessing his personal information on the phone. They then demanded that he transfer N100,000 to a POS operator as a form of extortion.

Adekunle states that despite being innocent and having nothing incriminating found on him, the police officers forced him to transfer the money to a moniepoint account. He explains that he felt compelled to pay the bribe because he was afraid that his fiancé, who he was driving to Abeokuta for her exam, would miss the exam if they were delayed by the officers.

“I do not have anything incriminating on me. They forced me to transfer the sum of 100k to a moniepoint account.

“I was driving my fiancee to Abeokuta where she schools and she was having an exam, I paid the money out of duress so she wouldn’t miss her examination”

The Take It Back Movement has issued a strong rebuke of the police extortion incident with the Lagos State Coordinator, Adekunle Adeyemi Taofeeq, expressing his condemnation on behalf of the movement.

Adekunle, the Lagos State Coordinator for the Take It Back Movement, pulled no punches in his condemnation of the police extortion incident that occurred this morning. He described the act as a ‘shameless’ violation of justice and respect for citizens, and expressed dismay at the ‘brazen abuse of power’ and disregard for human rights displayed by the officers involved.

He called for immediate and decisive action against the officers responsible for this appalling incident of police corruption. He emphasized the importance of holding these officers accountable for their actions and investigating the root causes of this toxic culture within the Lagos police force.

In his statement, Adeyemi Taofeeq reaffirmed the Take It Back Movement’s unwavering commitment to justice and accountability. He urged all members of the public to report any incidents of police corruption, emphasizing that every voice counts in the fight against this insidious problem.


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