Lagos Police Refunds Extorted N100,000 to Returnee from Cyprus

The Lagos State Police Command of the Nigeria Police Force has refunded the N100,000 illegally extorted by some of its officers from Mr. Rahmon Olamilekan Adekunle, a Nigerian who recently returned from Cyprus, early on Friday morning. The extortion incident occurred at the tunnel in Berger, connecting Magodo area in Lagos, when the corrupt police officers forcefully stopped Mr. Adekunle and extorted the sum from him.

The N100,000 refund came about after the Take It Back Movement Lagos Coordinator, Adekunle Taofeeq, raised the alarm over the police extortion incident, reaching out to the Police Public Relations Officer to lodge a complaint. As news of the incident spread and media reports began to surface, the Lagos State Police Command took swift action to recover the extorted money from Mr. Adekunle.

Rahmon Olamilekan Adekunle, the Nigerian returnee from Cyprus, confirmed to the Take It Back Movement that he has received the refund of the N100,000 extorted from him by corrupt police officers. Adekunle expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the Take It Back Movement for exposing the extortion incident, stating that after the story was published, the police authorities contacted him and informed him that the officers responsible for the illegal act had been identified and the money recovered.

In response to the incident, the Police Public Relations Officer, Hundeyin, expressed his disappointment and dismay at the actions of the errant officers. He stressed that the corrupt police officers involved in the extortion would face severe disciplinary action for their misconduct. Hundeyin also praised the Take It Back Movement Lagos Coordinator, Taofeeq, for his quick reaction in bringing the incident to the attention of the authorities, stating that the prompt reporting of such incidents helps the police to root out corruption within their ranks.


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