FG Closes Abuja Chinese Supermarket After Social Media Uproar

The Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) officials have taken action by sealing off a Chinese supermarket located within the premises of the China General Chamber of Commerce in Abuja.

FCCPC officials shut down the supermarket after storming the premises on Monday.

After questioning Nigerian employees at the supermarket, the officials from the commission proceeded to seal off the premises.

Earlier on Sunday, Nigerians voiced their anger regarding a discriminatory policy put in place by the Chinese supermarket, which specifically prohibited entry to Nigerians while exclusively allowing access to Chinese citizens.

Shaibu Sanusi, the facility manager of the complex, verified that Nigerians who were not located within the complex were unable to patronize the facility. However, he clarified that Nigerians residing within the complex retained access to it.

The consumer protection agency has expressed its suspicion that certain individuals may be clandestinely hiding within the premises in an attempt to avoid any potential encounter or conflict with the agency.


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