Take It Back Movement Takes To The Streets: Protest Rally At FHC Abuja Seeks Justice, Decries “Endless Persecution” Of Sowore

The Take It Back Movement, a driving force for justice and human rights in Nigeria, has organized a protest at the Federal High Court Abuja on Thursday, May 2, 2024.

The protest is intended to bring to light the ongoing injustice and harassment faced by Omoyele Sowore, a well-known human rights activist and longtime member of the Take It Back Movement. The goal of the demonstration is to amplify the collective call for an end to the perceived persecution of Sowore.

Organized under the banner of “#SoworeReturns”, the demonstration seeks to amplify the calls for Sowore’s permanent freedom from what the Take it Back Movement describe as “endless persecution” at the hands of the authorities.

The Take It Back Movement is calling for the complete withdrawal of all charges against him.

They assert that the Nigerian government’s abuse of judicial powers, or “judicial rascality,” to intimidate and silence activists like Sowore must stop. The movement views this pattern of behavior as “bullying” that undermines the rule of law and represents a grave threat to democratic freedoms in Nigeria.

The upcoming protest comes after a series of high-profile arrests and legal battles involving Omoyele Sowore, an outspoken critic of the Nigerian government and a prominent voice in the country’s political landscape.

Sowore’s supporters, including fellow activists, journalists, and human rights advocates, are expected to join the demonstration, rallying behind the call to end his mistreatment and highlight the ongoing issues of political repression and free speech in Nigeria.

Sowore’s case has become emblematic of the larger issues facing the country, including concerns about the rule of law, democratic participation, and human rights protections.

The Take It Back Movement believe that Sowore’s prosecution represents not just a gross violation of his human rights, but also a terrifying indication of the state’s readiness to silence voices of opposition and suppress critical discourse.

Seeking to spark a broader conversation about the fundamental principles of democracy and political accountability, the movement remains steadfast in its mission to raise public awareness and compel systemic change. Also, the goal is to protect the right of all Nigerians to speak out against injustice without fear of persecution.

The upcoming demonstration serves as a reminder that the fight for justice, human rights, and political freedom is far from over in Nigeria, a call for the country to address the systemic challenges that continue to plague its democratic institutions.


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