Take It Back Movement to Host Podcast Discussion on International Day of the Boy Child 2024

In commemoration of the International Day of the Boy Child 2024, the Take It Back Movement organized a thought-provoking discussion to address a pressing issue: the neglect of the boy child’s well-being and its exacerbating impact on existing challenges. The event aimed to raise awareness about the unique needs and struggles of boys and the importance of providing them with equal opportunities for growth and development.

Scheduled for May 16th, the upcoming event organized by the Take It Back Movement intends to delve into the complex facets of the neglect of the boy child’s well-being. The discussion will scrutinize systemic biases, societal norms, and the detrimental consequences on the holistic development of boys.

Through this comprehensive examination, the event seeks to promote a better understanding of the challenges faced by the boy child and spark conversations about potential solutions. The Take It Back Movement hopes that by fostering dialogue and encouraging a more inclusive approach, society can take significant steps towards addressing the well-being of boys and ensuring a brighter future for all children.

The event will be hosted by Omolola Pedro, Head of the Gender Department at the Take It Back Movement. Pedro, a passionate advocate for gender equality and child welfare, will guide the discussion, ensuring an in-depth exploration of the topic.

Olamilekan Mashika, a prominent voice in the field of social justice and youth empowerment, will serve as the discussant for the event. Mashika’s expertise in addressing systemic biases and societal conventions will provide invaluable insights into the neglect of the boy child’s well-being and its impact on holistic development.

The collaboration between Pedro and Mashika promises a thought-provoking and informative discussion, as they delve into the complexities surrounding the well-being of the boy child. Their combined knowledge and commitment to addressing the challenges faced by boys will make for a compelling and productive conversation.


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