Nigerian Tunde Onakoya Breaks Through 60 Players in 24 Hours in Attempt to Break Guinness Record

In a Herculean effort to break the Guinness World Record for the longest chess marathon without losing a game, Nigerian chess player Tunde Onakoya has successfully played against 60 opponents in a non-stop, 24-hour mental battle.

Prior to embarking on this remarkable mental journey, Tunde Onakoya announced his intention to attempt this feat on his social media account, highlighting his readiness to take on the challenge in the bustling heart of Times Square, New York City. In doing so, he revealed his noble motivation behind the marathon, sharing that he is undertaking this arduous task to represent and advocate for the countless children across Africa who lack access to education, shining a spotlight on this critical issue.

Onakoya on his Twitter account wrote: “It’s officially 1 full day of playing continuous chess in our attempt to break the @GWR for longest chess marathon. @CoachShawnMar and I have played 60 games and the fatigue is naturally setting in. But one thing we will not do is stop.

“We will raise a million dollars and bring the gift of chess to children across the world. Your support is needed now, more than ever.

“Tap the link to livestream the attempt and donate, donate, donate. It is possible to do great things from a small place.”


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