Sowore Backs Nationwide Strike Led by NLC, TUC

Human rights advocate and former presidential candidate of the African Action Congress (AAC), Omoyele Sowore, has added his voice to the chorus of support for the ongoing nationwide strike, led by the NLC, TUC, and their affiliates.

Omoyele Sowore took to his Twitter handle on Monday to issue a poignant reminder to Nigerian workers, urging them to reflect on their history of supporting governments that have neglected their welfare. In a powerful call to action, the human rights advocate implored workers to break free from the cycle of supporting politicians who have failed to prioritize their needs and to consider alternative options, such as the AAC, which has been consistently vocal about advocating for a minimum wage of N100,000.

Sowore went on to lament the lack of support for the AAC’s ambitious plan to raise the minimum wage to N100,000 during the 2019 election cycle. Despite the party’s bold and forward-thinking platform, Sowore pointed out that workers did not rally behind his campaign, instead choosing to support parties that were unwilling to prioritize their welfare. This, he argued, had led to the present situation, with workers now compelled to strike to have their demands for a fair minimum wage met

He wrote: “I support the ongoing NLC & TUC strike action to seek better wages for Nigerian workers; although we at @aacparty offered N100k wage in 2019 they went with politicians who offered and wouldn’t pay N18k!.”

Reports revealed that despite a frantic, last-ditch effort by the National Assembly leadership to prevent the nationwide strike, organized labor remained resolute, launching an indefinite strike today, Monday.

Just a day before the nationwide strike was set to commence, representatives of organized labor made it clear that they were not in the position to call off the strike. With the determination of workers across the country unwavering, the representatives stated that there was no turning back on the industrial action, setting the stage for a historic display of solidarity and collective strength.

Reportt’s incisive coverage captured the far-reaching impact of the strike on various sectors, including the judiciary. In a ripple effect that radiated from airports to courts, the strike paralyzed the country, with the indigenous airline United Nigeria issuing a special circular confirming that all airports were affected. The circular, dated June 3, 2024, served as a grim testament to the crippling nature of the strike, leaving a trail of disruption in its wake and underscoring the critical importance of workers in maintaining the functioning of vital services.


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